About You

For us at Pearson, learning is a personal concern. Where student achievement improves, peoples' lives improve. For this reason, students are the focus of our attention. Our products help them to utilize their full potential and thereby achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our products and services for lecturers in higher education are based on our years of experience as a leading global provider of educational media. From classic teaching and exercise books, printed or eBooks, through to modern eLearning with the Pearson MyLabs, you will find the right solution for your needs.

Our Custom Publishing department can also offer tailor-made products for our lecturers, which are unique and fit the need of each course perfectly.

Many textbooks from Pearson Higher Education are already used by teachers because they are up-to-date, use sophisticated teaching methods and have great content. Often, however, these textbooks are too comprehensive for use in lessons due to their high requirements. Pearson School has therefore created textbooks, exercise books and materials that are perfectly suited to be used by teachers in school. These books specifically address teachers and students of upper secondary school in the subjects of biology, chemistry, computer science and physics.

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